Tuesday, March 20, 2012

target tuesday's

I recently started to consult with Target...and have been spending lots of time looking at all of their great product! So I have decided to begin doing weekly posts called "Target Tuesday's" to share some of my "favorite" Target finds!

I thought it quite appropriate to begin with paper.......since we all know that I am "paper" obsessed! I just adore this lovely line of stationary and paper goods (for the table) that Target is carrying called "Mara Mi"! The product honestly could not be any cuter and is offered at amazing prices!!! Really you must go check it out quickly......currently some fabulous clearance deals ($3 cards sets)! Plus, I just love that Target is supporting small boutique companies!!!!!

 So run over to Target and check out their "stationary aisle" and "paper plate" section! I basically cleared them out of their fabulous paper table clothes and darling patterned napkins- all for under $5! I am totally inspired to throw a little spring party with all my fabulous new finds!!! Let me know what you find!!!!!


  1. I'm obsessed with paper napkins so I can't wait to check this line out!

  2. thanks for the tip. target is definitely a favorite of mine already, so can't wait to check out what's new in the party aisle. and that's so exciting that you get to work with them.

  3. I am so in love with this line at Target. The red was spot-on for Christmas parties, and I'm loving all the Spring colors. Have you seen the new Ombre summer entertainment line? I bought a few pieces last weekend and am loving it! Keep up the good work, Target!! ...I'd also love to know how you balance all that you do, Gen. Having just built a house, I don't know how you do it all! It's so inspiring to read about your projects!

  4. I love this line! After reading your post I checked it out and picked up some really cute stationery. They didn't have the napkins - but I will keep an eye out! Love the colors!

  5. Just saw that Mara Mi is doing wonderful gift wrap as well....currently positioned on an end cap off of stationary! I have also noticed that not all stores are carrying the napkins and paper plates....but worth looking in a few of your local stores to see if you can find them!!!!! Some are available on line too!
    Good Luck!!!!

  6. I could have spent a boat-load at Target the other night with all of the stationery clearance items and the new paper plates/napkins/etc. But, alas, I am on a budget and am trying to withhold from needlessly stocking my already too-full party supply cupboards. This post makes me think I may need to get back in the car!