Sunday, June 5, 2011

sneak peak into my closet

Thought I would give you all a quick glimpse into my closet...that was shared via Made By Girl last week!

" course I wish my closet was "oodles" bigger, but....I do love that it is colorful and charming and reflects my personality!! My shoes are stored in clear boxes and displayed on a great vintage bamboo etagere- so very easy to see! I use vintage dishes and colorful lacquer boxes to display my jewelry on top of the dresser so I can easily grab what I need when getting dressed! And, I pin up outfit and make-up tear sheets near my mirror for inspiration!!!"

.....and yes, can't wait to be in the new house with (fingers crossed)-maybe even a dressing room!!


  1. Love this post. I missed it on Made by Girl. Your love of color is fearless and I am envious. I, too, love color but tend to shy away from it in my home(and honestly, my wardrobe too!) But, I always am drawn to homes like yours! Thank you for sharing. Love, love, loving your blog.

  2. I now have closet envy! Looks great! I love the "Merman" print. Can I ask where it came from? Stephie x

  3. Thanks Stephanie!!! The print is wayne pate...


  4. Thanks so much - I am off to have a look!