Sunday, June 26, 2011

father's day follow up

Thought I would share a couple of quick photos from our father's day celebration! We love a "collage wall" at our house Oden and I decided to create a special "father's day installation" for Ben. The idea was sparked from a great Kate Spade project I saw here....and because my husband is not so easy to shop for I liked the idea of giving him a "coupon" to pick out his choice of the "perfect" father's day treat! 

 Oden chose a few inexpensive gift ideas of his own, like this great wooden giraffe from Michael's and painted this fabulous self portrait at school, and then the rest are "coupons" Oden and I made for Dad. Oden gave his dad a coupon for a massage at the discounted price of only $1, while I gave coupons for a night of cooking, date night, and a free pass to be late! We had so much fun creating our little "art project"...and dad gets a gift that he loves!!!!


  1. What a creative and fun idea! I love Oden's self portrait! Your son is very artistic.

  2. Everything you do is completely stylish + inspiring. I love this idea + it's beautiful.

  3. I heart this idea!
    It's simple, creative and yet personal at the same time :)
    3 cheers to you and Oden.

  4. Holy cats that's a great idea! So genuine and charming. The ridiculously adorable child helps the cuteness factor, no doubt, but this is a great idea for all kinds of occasions...I could see this translating to someone's birthday or retirement or welcome home celebration...endless possibilities. never thought about red tape as a common thread. Hmmm.....

  5. You all are the best!!! Thanks for the kind words!!!!