Thursday, May 19, 2011

sara's birthday treats

Thought I would share with you all a little bag of "birthday treats" that I put together for my dear friend Sara of Sara's Party Perfect! Sara and I have very similar it is always fun to shop for her! This year I snapped up a bunch of my "favorite" eclectic mix of vintage and fun "paper goods"!

wrapping paper- Target "dollar" section
patterned journals- Anthropologie
colored masking tape- Amazon
apple post it notes- The curiosity shop
trophy card- Hicks Paper Goods (sara's line)


  1. adorable!! i was just at target and love their wrapping. such a cute gift idea.

  2. Gen-
    I have been coveting those trophy cards since you first included them in a post. I can't find them on Sara's website. Are they still around? I just love them! Your gift for your friend would make me swoon!