Monday, May 16, 2011

from the pages of instyle

I had to laugh when I stumbled on this article- while flipping though In Style magazine.  I'm always surprised to see a photo of our house in print! What a great shout out for Christiane Lemieux's fabulous book "Undecorate"! (The photo of our family in the kitchen is an out take from the photo shoot!)

We actually sold the "log cabin" featured in Undecorate last year...and every time  I see the house, I do miss it a bit! But, happy to announce we are officially beginning our next house project!!! So look out for lots of new house inspiration images coming your way!!!


  1. Gen, congratulations on your new project!! So excited to see!

  2. I've loved the pics I've seen from all of your houses and can't wait to see pics from your new project!! I'm so glad you have a blog. :) The picture of your kitchen above reminded me that I had a question for you. The fabric you used on those chairs...if I remember correctly, I think the book said it was vintage. Did you treat it with anything to withstand spills and smudges?

  3. Hi Anne!
    Thanks for your sweet comments! Yes, I had the vintage fabric coated/laminated! Can't remember the name of the company...but it was in New Jersey. I think it cost $10 a yard to do-with a $200 minimum order. I would just do an internet search...I'm sure you can find something similar! xo, gen

  4. So excited to see your next project! I just love your blog and am so inspired!


  5. Thanks so much for answering my question, Gen! I had no idea that could be done, very cool. Mind if I ask one more? :) I love the window treatments you used in the house and am inspired to do something similar in a few of my windows! Such a good idea. I know you only used the shades on the lower half of your windows, but I'm curious if you ever needed/wanted to pull them up completely to let in all the light from the window. Or did you just keep them down all the time?

  6. Hi Anne,

    My shades were on tension rods- so I typically just left them in place...which was not an issue for me. I did them like this because it was a quick, easy, and very inexpensive solution.

    However, you could do these as fabric covered roller shades...which would allow for easy up and down movement probably a bit more expensive to do.

    Hope that helps!!! I will try and blog about this sometime soon!!!