Wednesday, March 30, 2011

tea towel art

One of my signature design "solutions" is a collage wall! I find that the "collage wall" can mask a number of issues (i.e. boring white space, I have so much art I don't know where to put it all, I have an electrical panel that needs to be disguised, I don't have a king size head board)!

In this case, it was all of the above! 

So, I thought I would share with you one of my collage wall tricks! I love to find vintage tea towels and have them stretched and framed in a simple "floater" frame (usually costs $40-60).

One of my all time favorite finds is the pink and red kangaroo tea towel that we have above our bed.....I discovered this treasure for $2 at our local flea market. Lucky for you, there are two more available (in different color ways)- on etsy right now!!!

This really is an amazing way to take a vintage piece and make it feel current and usable!

Happy shopping!!!


  1. adorable! I bought a vintage towel with cocktail recipes all over it years ago and never did anything with it - now I know just the thing - thanks!

  2. Now I need to go find some vintage tea towels. Love your blog. Just found you through Kayce's. I met you a while back when you had your tag sale. So glad you're blogging!

  3. So sweet- thank you!!!

    Kathy...I remember meeting you at the tag sale! So glad you found the blog!!! Hope to have another tag sale this summer- will keep you posted!


  4. Hello Gen,

    Kayce sent me over to your beautiful new blog. That Kangeroo is just adorable!


  5. Hi Gen- I just started following your blog and I am hooked. I am headed on vacation soon and going to find some tea towels- would be a great way to capture and display memories from the trip. Thanks for sharing your great ideas!