Thursday, March 17, 2011

baby girl lust

if i had a baby girl..... she would be sleeping in this sweet pink room, cuddled up in this darling blanket, and wearing this adorable top! all from rikshaw design discovered on Tada! Shop!


  1. Maybe we should start a blog called 'my hypothetical baby girl' because as a mom of two boys, I am dying to buy girls stuff. In particular, I NEED to plan an adorable - feminine party. Trying to bribe my niece in to telling her mother I need to plan her next big shindig. :)

  2. this is on my 'list to blog about' and you beat me to the punch, lol! I LOVEEEEEEEE Rikshaw. Actually, I discovered it when I was preggo (she is 14 mo now) at the same store in ATL where I discovered pears and bears, my other fave (and I see you are bff with KH, good stuff)....B braithwaite in ATL....such a great little store that I stalked weekly...ha ha. Now we are back in Nashvegas (I used to teach at Ensworth when I lived here previously)...and now we are out in Brentwood...Im rediscovering Nash and having a ball...happy to have found your blog! And your buddy KH's blog too! (sorry for the abbreviations, it is nap time and I think my window is closing, lol) xoxo Shelli
    ps-looks like you and i started blogging around the same time this year. welcome!